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Kasab, After 26/11: An untold story
The story is purely author's imagination. Inspired by the thought, what Pakistan would have done if they could have had Kasab dead or alive.
The 9 Colours of Vibrant Women: Decode Your Traits and Foster Situation led Self-Leadership
The 9 colours of Vibrant Women is an inspirational sequel of the book, A Journey in Search of Success Happiness and it urges everyone to be strong and passionate to live a meaningful and extra-ordinary life. The book emphasizes on the need for special personality traits in millennial women.
Bubbles burst - the takeaways and lessons from Covid19
At the outset, I must mention that this book was not a time pass during lockout for the author. Rather the attempt is to seize the thought process in me during the lockdown. Covid19, with all its obvious and subtle impact on individuals, Government, and the corporate triggered the thought process in me. The bubbles Covid19 burst in various walks of life, industries, professions, and methods of governance are far too many. This book addresses only the bubbles that engaged the common man’s attention and were influencing his choice as a consumer in the parlance of Microeconomics and as a citizen in Political science.
The book uncovers a much known but ignored evil, ‘education on sale’. Author, backed by his experience exposes universities which run on selling fake degrees. Teachers and staff are hired to meet the TARGETS of recruiting more and more students. Their salary, promotions and perks depends on meeting those targets. The teachers targets the students and ‘money for marks’ becomes the education culture. Everyone is trying to cheat everyone else and all in the name of education. Everything is fair in this war where local police, politicians and bureaucracy is bribed for shortcutting rules and procedures.
The Captive: Psychological Thriller
A gripping story of how multiple lives become entangled, when a kidnapped girl escapes and sets the alarms ringing on at least 15 unsolved murder cases, mostly involving female victims. Kruthi Shah, who has just killed one of her abductors and escaped from the wooden cabin, where she had been kept a captive. She makes it her personal goal to mete out what she sees as the punishment to the main captor. Will she succeed in locking him in his own mental cage? Or will she fall into the trap herself?
Preet प्रीत 
वैसे तो ये विभिन्न वक़्त पर दिल से निकले निजी उदगार हैं, जब इनकी संख्या अच्छी खासी हो गई तब इनको एक किताब के रूप में संकलित करने का ख्याल मन में आया। ये हम दोनों का संयुक्त प्रयास है , हालांकि हम दोनों में से एक तो खुद इस संकलन का विषय है। सब कुछ उसी के बारे में है और बहुत कुछ बाकी है। इस किताब में प्रयुक्त नाम छद्म है परंतु ये भावनाएं एकदम सच्ची और दिल से निकली हुई हैं... भावना खालिस रहें और आवेग भी आप महसूस करें, इसके लिए लय और व्यकारण से थोड़ा समझौता किया है। आशा है आप इसे न्यायसंगत पाएँगे। ये पहला प्रयास है परंतु जल्द ही आप लोगों के समक्ष अगला संस्करण लेकर हाजिर होंगे।
Phir Kisi Khwab Me फिर किसी ख्वाब में 
उम्र ज़्यादा ना सही पर तजुर्बे कुछ तो हुए हैं I कुछ देखे हुए , कुछ अनदेखे ख़्वाब भी हैं पास मेरे और मेरी तरह मुमकिन है होंगे आपके पास भी I कई बार ख़्वाब में कुछ पूरा होने से पहले ना जाने क्यों फिर अधूरा रह जाता है फिर सोचता हूँ जो रहा था अधूरा शायद हो जायेगा फिर किसी ख़्वाब में पूरा I ख़्वाब दर ख़्वाब ये सिलसिला यूँ ही चलता ही रहता है I